Assessment & Analytics

We offer several types of organizational assessments and levels of service.


Loom The Culture Map® Assessment

Welcome to the future of diversity and inclusion metrics! Loom The Culture Map® is designed to help an organization’s leadership, diversity and HR professionals measure, map, and improve their organizational culture.


All Loom Employee DEI Assessments are performed online and recommended for organizations with 200+ employees.


Structural Inclusion Audit

Unlike a typical compliance audit, the Loom Structural Inclusion Audit focuses on the extent to which inclusion exists from a human resources perspective. The audit provides leadership and HR with a report on strengths and opportunities for creating more inclusive policies and intervention strategies.

Our sister firm, Loom Technologies created this product to support organizational inclusion at every level. The inclusivity of your organization’s policies, and the extent to which equitable policies exist, is a key component of any successful diversity and inclusion initiative. The Loom Structural Inclusion Audit can help you identify ways to make policies such as these inclusive, competitive, and meaningful to your employees today.


Recommended for organizations of all sizes.

Inclusion for Innovation® Assessment

Are your employees fully engaged at work? Are some groups having vastly different experiences than others? Whether you have noticed a pattern in employee complaints, or you are proactively seeking to check in, the Inclusion for Innovation® survey will give you the information you need to identify the appropriate next steps in your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy.

Our survey quantifies employee engagement through the lens of diversity and inclusion. We provide a comprehensive report and a set of recommendations based on employee response. Two levels of service are available for this type of survey:


Recommended for organizations with 25+ individuals who need a quick turnaround.