Our certified mentors equip managers and executives with the tools they need to become effective leaders, tackle difficult decisions, and navigate change.

At TMI, we take a transformative approach to coaching. Our experienced network of coaches and mentors work to advance your professional growth needs through a series of empathetic, yet challenging, coaching sessions.

TMI's diversity, equity, and inclusion focus gives our coaching clients a unique perspective when it comes to understanding their own talent development journey. By focusing on inclusive skill building we are able to develop socially responsible leaders, who are invested in positive and productive workplace environments. Our goal is to help our clients build new skills, breakdown barriers to success, and expand their awareness of themselves and others.

Available Coaching Formats


1-on-1 Coaching

Ideal for individuals who want to focus on their specific professional or personal development goals. Whether you want to hone your leadership skills, level up your cultural fluency, or tackle a unique problem, we can support you.


Small Group Coaching

Small Group Coaching is designed for groups up to six people. We can support your team with honing in on specific issues, identifying group dynamics and roadblocks, and building inclusive skills over time.


Office Hour Blocks

Retain a TMI Coach for your staff through recurring Office Hour Blocks. This is ideal for large teams interested in retaining an expert for support on emergent issues or large scale change initiatives.

Featured Coaching Styles

We offer coaching in a number of areas ranging from professional development to specialized topics. Contact our team to receive the most up to date offerings.

Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Leaders often struggle to see the breadth of their impact on organizational culture. Our Inclusive Leadership Coaching includes individual and organizational perspectives on cultivating cultural fluency from a leadership perspective. We place an emphasis on respect, equity and creating a sense of belonging for all employees.

Our Inclusive Leadership Coaches can help you:

  • Navigate nuanced cultural topics
  • Develop new skills to thrive in unclear situations
  • Build resilience to lead diverse workforces
  • Manage unforeseen crises and situations

Crisis Response Coaching

Our experts can help you navigate the emotional and logistical challenges of managing your business and your people through turbulent times. We focus on working with you to navigate fast changing issues, and craft thoughtful responses to emergent issues.

Our Crisis Response Coaches can help you:

  • Navigate uncertainty and change
  • Develop strategies to find clarity in chaos
  • Build resilience to lead through adversity
  • Manage unforeseen situations
  • Support your response to emergent issues
  • Develop a crisis response plan

Wellness Coaching

Whether you are trying to create work-life balance or deepen your presence and intentional growth as an individual, our wellness coaches can help you reach the next level of personal development. Learn to cultivate harmony and wellbeing from the inside out.

Our Wellness Coaches can help you:

  • Identify roadblocks and obstacles
  • Craft a plan to support your goals
  • Grow personally so you can grow professionally
  • Find alignment with your values and purposes

Enneagram Coaching

Everyone has a core motivation that drives and shapes their daily routines and actions. The Enneagram is a personality typing tool designed to help individuals understand their own personal motivations and the choices they make on a daily basis.

Our Enneagram Coaches will help you:

  • Uncover underlying patterns of behavior that subconsciously drive and motivate you.
  • Identify behaviors that support or challenge your ability to create positive change.
  • Practice moving through discomfort and grounding yourself in intentional action.

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