Online Microlearning

Discover the power of DEI microlearning with TMI’s partner Blue Ocean Brain.

Meet Blue Ocean Brain

TMI has partnered with the microlearning specialists at Blue Ocean Brain to bring our clients more DEI e-learning on-demand. Blue Ocean Brain has been creating online learning solutions since 2010. Their innovative approach is grounded in science and leverages the principles of scarcity and spaced learning to deliver development experiences that drive engagement and retention of mission-critical professional skills.

Discover a flexible, multimodal, and high-impact platform

Blue Ocean Brain offers micro-learning modules on subtle acts of exclusion


video content

A World of Learning, Uniquely Curated for You

Access over 5,000 microlearning assets. The Blue Ocean Brain content library is always expanding, and focuses on today’s issues to support your employee experience.

Access learning on your mobile phone or tablet

Microlearning Anywhere, Anytime

Blue Ocean Brain offers your employees the chance to learn on the go, with mobile access options, integrations, and options for live webcasts.

multi-modal learning options, including games

Multi-Modal Learning

Change the way your employees engage with content. This platform offers a variety of multi-sensory learning opportunities from standard articles and videos, to brain games and activities.

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