Whether you need speaker for a 30 minute, 5000 person keynote or a multi-day conference event, our roster of inspiring speakers and change-makers from across the United States can accommodate your need.

Inspire, Activate, and Engage

We have a roster of inspiring speakers and change-makers from across the United States. We offer keynotes, talks, and fireside chats of varying lengths, themes and levels of interaction. From a 30 minute, 5000 person keynote to a multi-day virtual conference or event, we have got you covered.


Our keynotes are designed to inspire, inform, and challenge audiences to shift their thinking and find the courage to be the change they wish to see within their organization and/or community. Our speakers are fully equipped to work with both virtual and inperson teams.

  • Building Inclusive Workplaces
  • Addressing Unconscious Bias and Microaggressions
  • The Power of Privilege
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Race and Equity
  • Entrepreneurship and The DEI Conversation
  • Gender and LGBTQ+ in the Workplace
  • Allyship
  • Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination

Fireside Chats

Engage and inspire your group with TMI’s highly-acclaimed JEDI Fireside Chats with best-selling author, Dr. Tiffany Jana. Dr. Jana will join a member of your leadership team for a virtual discussion. Dr. Jana will answer live questions tailored to your organization’s needs, including audience Q&A. Together you will co-create an engaging experience for your team.

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We offer clients a variety of online speaking event services, teleclasses, podcasts and more. Check out our on-demand webinars for newcomers to the diversity conversation.


We provide over 30 different trainings on subjects ranging from bias in the workplace to racial equity and leadership skills. Discover what trainings can do for your organization.