TMI Academy

Take an interactive and introspective approach to learning about diversity, equity, and inclusion in bite-sized, easy to understand pieces.

Self-Paced Online DEI Learning

TMI Academy is a self-paced online learning service crafted by TMI Consulting, Inc.’s veteran DEI practitioners. We’ve taken our best-in-class trainings and made them available online for individuals and organizations alike. TMI Academy offers courses on topics like unconscious bias, the many dimensions of diversity, gender identity, allyship, and much more!

TMI Academy for Teams

TMI Academy is a great solution for organizations and teams to pursue self-paced DEI learning. All team members will have access to the selected number of courses through our LMS system. Courses are available for purchase individually or as a collection. Drop us a line to receive a quote for group rates. 

TMI Academy for Individuals

TMI Academy’s courses are perfect for anyone at the beginning of their DEI journey, or who is working on developing an understanding of language, terminology, and concepts at the core of DEI. Whether you are curious about terms, working on building a more inclusive workplace or classroom, or sharpening your communication skills, TMI Academy can help you get there.

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Available Courses

DEI 101

Build your foundation in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and explore the intersecting layers of diversity that each of us has. The terms, tools, and frameworks covered in this module are an essential foundation for any aspiring culturally fluent ally.

Unconscious Bias 101

Understanding the science behind unconscious bias can help ensure that prejudiced or biased behavior doesn’t sabotage your efforts to be fair, inclusive, and respectful to others. This course will help you build awareness and practice understanding how to identify biased behavior.


Unpack what makes up the ever-expanding acronym, LGBTQIA+. Discover the difference between gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, sex, and pronouns. This module’s emphasis on definitions, and how different identities can manifest, will equip you with the resources and tools to be an inclusive ally.

Allyship 101

Allyship is a quintessential skill for modeling inclusive behavior and is for anyone seeking to take on a leadership role. This module builds on foundational DEI concepts and focuses on discussing methods for making an impact. Our goal is to help you feel empowered to make situations more equitable and safe for those around you.

Foundations and Beyond

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