Our Statement of Inclusion

One of the many wonderful things about life as a B Corp is the inspiration we draw from our fellow B Corps. Businesses that are committed to equity and social justice, and who hold themselves accountable for their impact on the world, have a tendency to reinforce each other’s resolve to take action.

TMI Consulting, Inc. is thrilled to join other B Corps in The Inclusion Challenge, an opportunity to work with like minded social enterprises in discovering and implementing ways we can promote economic inclusion.

With a special focus on this theme, B Lab founders Andrew Kassoy, Bart Houlahan, and Jay Coen Gilbert issued a passionate call to action in the form of an open letter to business leaders. The missive reiterates the basic principles of B Lab and expands on the values that unite B Corps and other socially conscious enterprises. In solidarity with these admirable leaders of responsible industry, TMI Consulting is pleased to issue its own Statement of Inclusion:

Since its certification as a Virginia Benefit Corporation in 2012, TMI Consulting has been leveraged to embody the ideal of using business as a force for good.

In our small spot of the corporate globe, this means remaining ever vigilant about how our business practices impact people we may never know, places we may never see, and ecosystems we may never inhabit. Simply put, we commit to always reminding ourselves that the choices we make have ripple effects that are felt far beyond our personal borders.

We Believe

  • Bridging the considerable economic divide is an achievable goal as long as we are deliberate in how we spend, hire, support, promote, teach, and learn.
  • There is ultimately great value in sourcing from small, minority-owned businesses, as the success of such ventures benefits us all, rather than a few.
  • We all prosper most when each of us has access to opportunity. By supporting members of our work community–as well as members of our broader community–in their creative, educational, and professional pursuits, we are helping them establish themselves as productive and economically stable members of society. Our investment in their unrealized promise is an investment in our collective future.
  • Nobody truly thrives as long as any member of our microcosm, or larger universe, is barred from realizing his or her full potential.
  • The perpetuation of economic distress over generations can be halted if we recognize and confront the institutional forces that sustain it. Barriers that society has put in place, society can remove. Until then, each of us has the power and responsibility to create passages–however small–through them.

Our work at TMI will continue to reflect the values set forth by the leaders of the global B Corp movement. With each professional challenge we confront, we will open our minds to new approaches that will most positively impact the lives of others.